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Burning 500 Calories A Day

burning 500 calories a day

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One of the aquafit instructors at the pool I go to always talks about junk food while she does the class. She'll say things like, "Once this class is over, I can eat a huuuuge butter tart," or something similar. It doesn't really bother me in terms of the things I put into my own body, and I know I've definitely looked at food that way before, but these days I just like to be really strong and the association between exercise and food just isn't there for me as much anymore. The feeling after the workout is the reward for finishing it, I guess, although I do recognize that it's a lot easier to just not eat 500 calories than it is to burn it off via intentional exercise.

I love the definition of my arms when I'm lifting stuff (or, you know, just standing in front of the mirror flexing like a pro), and I like that I don't get short of breath when I'm walking uphill. I've gained 4-5 pounds back of the 30 I lost, and that's a tough pill to swallow, but I don't feel the same panic I would've felt about it six months ago. Not counting calories is better for me right now; I'll simply stuff myself full of vegetables and try to make good choices instead.

Watching movies on Netflix instead of prepping for the seminar that I have to lead next Wednesday. It's hard to be motivated to get things done on reading break, lemme tell ya.

Day 310 - 40 klms on the bike this afternoon

Day 310 - 40 klms on the bike this afternoon

310 / 365 May 7, 2011

I live at Wynnum in bayside Brisbane, and after a full on morning of Ryan's football, then running rubbish to the dump, I got the crazy idea of riding from home, across the gateway bridge into the city, and back across the story bridge and home again. It was a testing ride with a few of the hills and riding on Kingsford smith drive and up Ann Streets was a mistake. Burnt 1,500 calories though, so I could enjoy the food and drinks that night!

I will modify the ride for the next time!

burning 500 calories a day

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